Route to a resource

CRUD routes can be auto-magically be defined for convenience using the Rails and Laravel pattern.

Given this resource declaration:

use Siler\Route;

Route\resource('/users', 'crud/users');

Siler will look for files at path/to/files matching the HTTP URI according to the table below:

HTTP Verb URI File
GET /users index.php
GET /users/create create.php
POST /users store.php
GET /users/{id} show.php
GET /users/{id}/edit edit.php
PUT /users/{id} update.php
DELETE /users/{id} destroy.php

And the file structure:

└── /users
    ├─ index.php
    ├─ create.php
    ├─ store.php
    ├─ show.php
    ├─ edit.php
    ├─ update.php
    └─ destroy.php

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