PSR-7: HTTP message interfaces

Siler supports design decisions provided by the PHP community. In addition to style choices like PSR-2 and consistency like PSR-4, for HTTP abstraction you can use the PSR-7 with the help of zend-diactoros.

$ composer require zendframework/zend-diactoros

You can create a superglobals seeded ServerRequest with Siler\Diactoros\request():

use Siler\Diactoros;

$request = Diactoros\request();

And create Responses through this helpers:

$json = Diactoros\json(['some' => 'data']);
$html = Diactoros\html('<p>some markup</p>');
$text = Diactoros\text('plain text');

If none of them fits your needs, you can create a raw Response:

$response = Diactoros\response();

To emit a Response, there is no big deal, if you got Siler, already imagined that is also about a function call:


As in Siler\Http\Response functions, the Diactoros\emit will output headers and text to the buffer, so use carefully.

For full example:

use Siler\Route;
use Siler\Twig;
use Siler\Diactoros;


Route\get('/', function () {
    $query = Diactoros\request()->getQueryParams();
    $html = Twig\render('pages/home.twig', compact('query'));
    $response = Diactoros\html($html);


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