Routing PSR-7 Requests

With Siler is possible to pass a PSR-7 ServerRequestInterface object and make routes work with it instead of superglobals. I will let a example talk, but leave a message on any doubts. We are using zend-diactoros for the implementation.


use Siler\Diactoros;
use Siler\Route;
use function Siler\array_get;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$request = Diactoros\request();
$response = Diactoros\text('not found', 404);

// /greet/Leo?salute=Hello
$response = Route\get('/greet/{name}', function ($params) use ($request) {
    $salute = array_get($request->getQueryParams(), 'salute', 'Olá');

    return Diactoros\text("{$salute} {$params['name']}");
}, $request) ?? $response;

$response = Route\get('/', function () {
    return Diactoros\text('hello world');
}, $request) ?? $response;


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