Route to files

You can also let Siler create the routes recursively looking for files at a base path. Then the files names will be used to define the method and the path.

use Siler\Route;


Siler will interpret periods (.) as slashes and also maintain folder structure at HTTP path:

Filename Method Path
index.get.php GET / POST /
foo.get.php GET /foo
bar/index.get.php GET /bar GET /foo/bar
foo/bar.get.php GET /foo/bar
foo/bar/index.get.php GET /foo/bar

Since { and } are valid chars in a filename, route parameters should work as well, but you can define required parameters prefixing with $ and optional parameters using @:

Filename Method Path
foo.{slug}.get.php GET /foo/{slug}
foo.$slug.get.php GET /foo/{slug}
foo.@slug.get.php GET /foo/{slug?}

Any method is valid, it is guessed based on the penultimate "token":

Filename Method Path
foo.options.php OPTIONS /foo
foo.x-custom.php X-CUSTOM /foo

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